7 Easy Ways to Make Money with Telegram in 2023

Hi guys, do you really want to know how to make money through Telegram?

In this article, I have discussed the 7 easiest ways to make money with Telegram along with other information related to TElegram that will help you to make money with Telegram.

So if you want to make a social media app Telegram, then give read this article and in the end, you will wonder how people are making a good amount of passive money with Telegram.

The best part is that you can automate your process and make money by doing nothing or just a couple of things.

Telegram is a social media messaging application just like WhatsApp. It is used by many people due to its security features and better user controls.

Telegram is also a search engine where many people search. You can easily make a least ₹500 every day through telegram.

How to Make Money with Telegram

How to make money with telegram

There are numerous ways in which you can make money with Telegram. You can even make Lakhs of Money with Telegram.

To understand how you also can make money on Telegram, you have to read this article then only you can learn how to earn from Telegram App.

If we tell you the easiest ways to make money on Telegram are Affiliate Marketing, Referring & Earn, Selling Telegram Channels, Managing Channels & Groups, Posting Sponsered Post, Course or Ebook Selling, Using Link Shortener etc.

Let’s discuss each of them in detail…

Affiliate Marketing

You can easily make daily at least ₹500 in affiliate marketing. To promote products that your audience likes to buy you have to join different affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs like the Amazon affiliate program, Impact, Commission Junction, digistore24, ClickBank affiliate, JV zoo etc.

If Telegram members are students you can promote products like courses off Adda247, Unacademy, Udemy or laptops and stationery products from the Amazon affiliate program.

Make sure the products you promote are genuine and worth it otherwise you will lose your authority over your audience.

Refer & Earn

Refer and earn is an awesome way to make money online with Telegram, especially for students. Students have already many big friend circles based on their academic classes. If you run a telegram group channel for your classmates are other friends, you can refer and earn easily.

There are many apps and services that you use in your daily life and have referred and earn options.

If you are 18 plus and have a PAN card you can refer share market apps like Groww and Upstox with your friends. These apps give a good amount of commission.

Selling Telegram Channels

Growing niche-based Telegram channels with targeted audience cells at a very high price in the market. In this, you just have to work ok and grow your Telegram Channel with the specific audiences which have common interests and then find someone who can why your Telegram channel. You can easily find someone you can buy a telegram channel through Facebook groups or you can post it on the same channel if someone is interested to buy your channel then they will definitely text you.

Although it is not a repairing stream of earning money in telegram. It is one of the ways that many people use to earn money in telegram.

Managing Telegram Groups & Channels

If you use telegram and know how to manage groups and channels, you can do it for someone else. If you know how to manage groups with Telegram bots it will be the cherry on the cake.

Telegram channels which you have joined for any reason. You can text their admins that you are interested to manage their Telegram groups.

In starting of one or two weeks you may have to work for free to prove yourself. Once you make your value in the market, you will start getting more and more clients to manage data exam goods and channels.

You can charge admins monthly or weekly to manage their channels and Groups.

Posting Sponserd Posts on Telegram

If you have grown your Telegram channel or group then you can make money with it by posting sponsored posts in your channel or group.

This is the easiest way to make money with a telegram. You can find high-ticket clients on Facebook or Google Maps. Just text businesses that are related to your group.

Make sure you don’t post anything that is not genuine. Try to do research and reject their businesses. You can check their reviews on different websites or on Google Maps.

Course or EBook Selling

If you have created a telegram channel for learners and built trust with them. You can create a course or ebook (Book PDF) that is related to them. If you have built really a good product your audience will definitely buy it.

Try to use interesting designs in your book and if you are building a course then make sure you edit the videos in the most interesting way.

If your course or book will not sell then don’t worry make it partially free and take their feedback. When you get their feedback and reviews you can improve and make it better.

If you have created a telegram group channel in which you provide any content like PDFs, Books, Music, APKs, Videos, etc then it will be a good opportunity for you to make money with Telegram.

Instant of providing them tightly in your group you can upload them to cloud storage like Google Drive, get the link of that file, and then use a URL link shortener shorten your link ok and share it in your Telegram channel or group.

The proper popular link shortener website that page on every click are AdflyShrinkearnLinkvertiseGplinks and Tinyurl. They all pay well. You can use any of them. Some of them have a minimum payout limit which is maybe 3 to 4 dollars.


I hope you understand how to make money with Telegram. You can also use multiple ways at the same time in your channel or group to make more money.

For example, if you run a telegram channel in which you provide notes and study material for students you can promote products and earn commission from it at the same time you can also post sponsored posts on your Telegram channel or group. And the notes and the PDF that you share can use a link shortener with them.

If this post has given some value to your life make sure you share it with your friends or relatives. Thank you for reading this article I hope you will succeed in your life.

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