Evergreen YouTube Niches to Make Money

Are you looking for the Best Evergreen Niche for Youtube to make money online?

In this article, we will tell you the best Youtube Niches that are

  • Evergreen Niches for Youtube
  • Have Low Competition
  • Have High CPC But before moving to the best Evergreen Niches for Youtube 2022, let’s check how to select the best and right Youtube Niche in 2022

Remember, once you choose a particular niche for your channel, you have to stick with it throughout your journey, otherwise chances are that you would fail in your youtube journey.

You cannot move forward with a Niche that does not excite you to talk about. If you have a niche that is very profitable but you don’t have an interest in it, then it will be too hard for you to be consistent and make and upload videos regularly.

Evergreen Youtube Niches

I hope you will definitely get the best evergreen niches for your youtube channel from which you can start and make money.

Food, Recipes, Cooking Channel

A Food Vlogger Recording a Video

A Food Vlogger Recording a Video During the lockdown, cooking youtube channels have gained massive attention and views. Everyone love to have good and tasty food and many people found it very interesting to learn and try new recipes.

Cooking Channel can be an Evergreen Youtube Niche for you if you have knowledge about Food and Recipes. If you don’t have enough knowledge then you can easily learn from other cooking youtube channels.

Entertainment Channel


If you like to entertain others by singing, dancing, storytelling….. Entertainment Niche will be great for you to get started. Although it is a vast category if you have the talent to make a video from which mass people get to relax and enjoy. In return, it will give you lots of fame and earnings.

Surveys say that a major percentage of views on YouTube are on channels that are related to Entertainment. However, you need to make sure that your content is unique, or else you would never receive long-lasting subscribers.

Movie, Web Series Reviews Channel

Woman Sitting Down on Theater Chair

Every Week a new movie is released and if you include web series then I think there is a new show every 4-5 days. Although all are not good. And many people search for it before watching it.

You can start a movie reviews youtube channel in which you can post reviews and opinions without giving spoilers.

Travel and Vlogging

Man Sitting on Top of Gray Cliff Mountain Beside Backpack, Water Bottle, and Camera

Man Sitting on Top of Gray Cliff Mountain Beside Backpack, Water Bottle, and Camera Do you like to travel?

I like it and I hope you do too.

People love to travel and explore new tourist spots and places that have unique and special things. There are channels that are related to travel and vlogging.

If travelling and exploring is your passion then you can start your youtube channel by Vlogging and sharing your experiences or sharing some facts with your audience about a particular place, state or country.

Yoga, Health and Fitness

Woman in Orange Knitted Sweater Sitting on Floor Raising her Legs

Woman in Orange Knitted Sweater Sitting on Floor Raising her Legs Everyone is concerned about their health, especially after the pandemic people try to do regular exercises and yoga to maintain their body and mind fit.

With technology, people have become aware of how it is important it is to have proper health and fitness.

You can make content related to a healthy diet or various types of gym exercises that can be done to maintain health and fitness.

It will be the best evergreen youtube niche in terms of making money as CPC is very high on health and fitness videos. You can also do affiliate marketing when you recommend some products to your audience to boost your earnings.

However, you have to do great research for the claim you do videos and make authentic videos. It will help you to get great sponsors for your videos.

Conclusion: I have you have got your desired niche to start your youtube niche. Selecting Niche in which you have your interest to have expertise will help you in the longer run. It will help you to make regular content which will play a major key in making your channel successful youtube channel.

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